SHSU vs Central Arkansas

Last night’s game while a little one sided with SHSU dominating UCA 31-10, was at least very cool compared to the weather last week which made the game that much more enjoyable. UCA did get us a little worried in the first half with a nice pass for a 73 yard touchdown, but SHSU recovered quickly and led the entire game.


A few days in Washington DC

Last month I was able to take a few days in our nation’s Capital and spent some time getting a few pictures. I divided my time between two different views of Washington, one I called “postcard shots” which are shown here, the second I called “the other side” which I will post later.

Probably the most important thing I took away from the experience is that no matter how many pictures you take, no matter how good you are, there is just no way to impart the true majesty to someone who has not been there.

The next most important thing is that I could have spent a month there and still not photographed everything, not even close. What you see here is a small smattering of the more popular and iconic images most people expect to see on “postcards”, which is exactly what I wanted from this series. I hope you enjoy.

Tomb of the unknown soldier:

JFK’s Eternal Flame:

Arlington National Cemetary:

The Lincoln Memorial at sunrise:

The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial and Capitol Buildings at night:

The Korean War Memorial at night, yes, the colors are real:

The White House:

Inside the Supreme Court building, spiral marble staircase:

The Supreme Court building:

Inside the Lincoln Memorial:

The Capital building at dawn from the reflecting pool:


SHSU vs Western Illinois

Football season is back and the Kats started it with style by defeating Western Illinois Thursday evening. This was a defensive game with both sides scrambling to gain just a few yards at a time. Even with our record heat and no significant rain for months, the night was reasonably cool enough to really enjoy the season opener.


Michael Johnson/Dr Pepper Classic Track & Field

This weekend was full of running, jumping, and throwing. I traveled to Waco to shoot the annual tournament for SHSU SID and aside from the sunburn and complete exhaustion after nine hours of shooting and over four hours of driving, it was a blast. Note the three pictures of the little mishap, she was unharmed except for her pride.


Clear Lake Open Fencing Tournament, En Guard!

I was fortunate enough to watch some fine up and coming fencers at the tournament Saturday morning. I hope you enjoy some of the photos as much as I enjoyed watching all the action.


SHSU Tennis, the hidden sports jewel…

Here in Huntsville we are always hearing about Bearkat football, baseball, basketball and sometimes volleyball. When have you heard about tennis? Well let me tell you these LadyKats know how to roar! They won Saturday 5-2 against Nichols and Sunday 4-3 against Southeastern Louisiana!


Baseball is BACK! Three games in two days, boy am I tired!

One game Friday night, two on Sunday, and the Kats Baseball team is back in action! And action there was! There may not be as many spectators at the games as football but the players don’t care, they go full tilt and never let the fans down. Win or loose, the action will keep you wanting more!


Texas A&M vs Baylor Hockey

Not one of my usual sports but other than the horrible lighting, it was a lot of fun. Texas A&M showed no mercy with a 10-2 victory making their way to state for the second year in a row. If you have never seen ice hockey before, you should check it out. Boy is it fast!


Magnolia Lakes Open House

I got the chance to participate in the open house for Magnolia Lakes, a local event venue. Lots of great people, great music, and great fun. The hardest part was Carol McGilberry’s Cakes Unlimited, I sooooo wanted to just grab them and run!


SPC Swimming And Diving Championships 2011

Swimming is a very difficult sport to shoot. Not only is it fast, and wet, but the water is always between you and your subject’s face. On the other hand, it makes for some fantastic images!