The baseball season continues to wind down, four more games shot, four left in the season. With football season many months away this is the last chance I will get for a while to shoot some college sports so I am making an effort to hit every last game. Here are a few from the last couple of games.

This last photo needs no explanation for sports shooters, right now they are having the same heart stopping, spine tingling feeling I had when I shot it. For the rest of you here is the story…

Sometimes constantly looking through the viewfinder has drawbacks. The batter catches the edge of the ball and hits a pop fly. With my left eye I quickly scan to see who will call it, it’s the third baseman. I sweep the lens towards him and crank the zoom back to wide open, but there is still too much zoom, what the heck? Oh, the third baseman is coming right at me so I take a couple of steps back, and what is up with the umpire, he isn’t looking up at the ball, he isn’t looking at the third baseman, he is looking at…. umm …. ME! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!