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Magnolia Lakes Open House

I got the chance to participate in the open house for Magnolia Lakes, a local event venue. Lots of great people, great music, and great fun. The hardest part was Carol McGilberry’s Cakes Unlimited, I sooooo wanted to just grab them and run!


Happy New Year!

Last night I was in Houston shooting a radio industry party at Capone’s on Westheimer. It was a lot of fun, and very loud! One great thing about this location is that it is really two locations in one. Capone’s proper is a very nice bar and grill with a small dance floor right in front of the stage with a live band. The Hideout is in the back of Capone’s and features a DJ, it’s own bar, inside and outside tables, large dance floor and a little more of a dance/party flavor. Here are a few shots from the party:


Union Pacific 844

While I admit I am an old koot, I am not old enough to remember these beautiful things running the rails. It isn’t often we get to see something this old, this well preserved, still doing it’s intended job so I had to make time to get a few shots. Unfortunately there were a few hundred other people who had the same idea, dang rude people getting in my shot! (that was sarcasm BTW)

This old girl is just as beautiful as the day she was made. I applaud Union Pacific for that. From what I hear she still hauls freight on occasion, wow. The scheduled route did not go through Huntsville so I caught the old girl in Navasota and then followed her to Old Town Spring.


New Dallas Cowboys Stadium

I am not a big sports fan. Don’t get me wrong, I like sports, I am just not one of those ‘fans’ if you know what I mean. However when given the opportunity to be among the first people let into the new stadium with pro level equipment to photograph anything and everything, I jumped. After all, how many times do you get let lose in a brand new 1.5 BILLION dollar work of art with all your equipment? Not only is the price tag Texas size, so is the building. Staying in Huntsville I would never get to see anything like this. Travel time!


Firefighter training camp, Bryan-College Station

One of the firefighters at the school in Bryan wanted to take some pictures at their parents day demonstration but there was a problem, he couldn’t figure out how to fight the fire and take the pictures at the same time! So Justin asked for some help and enlisted two photographers, one of them happened to be yours truly.

If you ever get to see one of these, go. This was an awesome treat!


Houston Oriental Gardens

I had heard great things about this place for some time so I finally decided to go see what it was like. Unfortunately two things bothered me, the day was a horrible overcast day, and the place seems to be in pretty bad disrepair. It has the potential to be a really nice place if someone would put a little work into maintenance. Here is a wonderful statue just inside:

Just past that is a fantastic set of minatures with incredible detail, although a bit weathered.

The larger statues are pretty nice, the ones still standing and intact that is. The weathering really adds some character to them.

Overall, if you are in the area, enjoy these kinds of things, and don’t expect too much, it is an interesting place to visit. I may try again next year on a prettier day and see if they have kept it up a little better.