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SHSU vs SWL Basketball 75-65 Kats!

Basketball is still in full swing and the games seem to only get better. In true Bearkats fashion the game was tight through the first period but then the kats opened the gap in the second period and walked away with the win.


SHSU vs SFA Basketball, Pineywoods Showdown!

SHSU vs SFA is always a heated battle, and this was no exception. Even though the Kats lost this one it was a bitter fight to the end. No other match fills the stands and requires as much hearing protection as when these two face off.



SHSU vs UH basketball…

Those of you who know me know I am not a big basketball fan. That being said, it is hard not to get excited when the Bearkats and Cougars have the score tied and are entering overtime! Although SHSU lost, it was a nail biting game right up to the end. Enjoy!


Joe Beaver Calf Roping School, Huntsville Texas….

I have been doing a lot of work for Joe and Jenna Beaver over the past few months, websites, video, and since Jenna owns a frame shop here in town, some prints, edits, etc for her. For those who may not know, Joe is an eight time World Champion cowboy and the all time top earner in the pro rodeo circuit. He is also a roping instructor and holds two day schools all over the world.

I have wanted to shoot some of his students but since the schools are all over the place I have never had the opportunity….until this past weekend when the school was at his own 8X arena right here in Huntsville.

The action is fast, the whole run may take no more than eight seconds, up to a max of about fifteen seconds. You are in close quarters with nowhere to run. Those of you who shoot sports and worry about a linebacker in pads plowing into you, weenies! Try dodging several hundred pounds of calf, well over one thousand pounds of horse, over a hundred pounds of rider all moving at over thirty miles per hour while fenced in to an arena!

Anyway, here are some shots from the event, enjoy!


SHSU vs Texas State, last football game of the season…

This was my last football game of the season and I could not have asked for better. The weather was overcast but not too dark and no rain. It was cool but not cold. The action was plentiful. The good news is more sports are always happening, basketball is in season to be followed by baseball so it is not like I will not be busy. Hope you enjoy the set!


SHSU vs MHB… Basketball is here!

Basketball has never really been my thing, so I have never tried to shoot it, until now. Call it a midlife crisis or whatever, but instead of sports cars I am trying new things I never thought I would do (I knew I would do the sports car, been there, done that, got the t-shirt). Johnson Coliseum is a pretty nice place, even given it’s age, but someone needs to spring for some light bulbs because I have been in basements with much better lighting than this place has. It did not however seem to dampen the spirits of the Bearkat basketball team!

Next time I hope to be a little more prepared for the horrible lighting and get some better shots. These will just have to do for now.



What a beautiful day for being outside, and a so so day for shooting in the harsh light. It was however a good game that went down to the wire. Hope you enjoy!


SHSU vs SFA in Reliant Stadium!

Last weekend I shot Sam Houston State University vs Stephen F Austin in Reliant Stadium in Houston. It was as you would expect, loud and crazy. Spirits were high on both sides and the game was on the line right up until the end where SFA clinched it 27-24. It was a very overcast day to I was shooting by the stadium lighting only. If you were an SHSU or SFA fan and missed this one, you really missed something special!



It has been a crazy couple of months, so crazy in fact I completely forgot to keep updating my blog. Shame on me. Since football season is well under way it only seems right that the next post is about that so here it is!

This game was last weekend and was the first time I got a chance to hit the field this season. The Kats won 57-7 so although the game was not that interesting as a game, it was quite photogenic….


Tomball Peppers Softball Tournament

Last weekend I had the chance to work the Tomball Tournament which I expected to be rather boring. After all, how hard do little girls play softball? Surely they don’t take it very seriously. Not being sexist or anything, I just never really though most girls would take this kind of thing very seriously. Boy was I educated! The action was fierce, but with lots of sportsmanship on every side. Professional athletes could learn a lot from these games.

If anyone ever tells you kids aren’t serious in these leagues, show them this picture:

Then as their jaw hits the ground from the determination of this little one, show them these: