A little about me

Hello, I am Huntsville Texas photographer Allan Hall. My love with photography came back in around 1982 or so in Huntsville Texas photographer Allan HallHuntsville in 8th grade photography class when I was exposed to my first 35mm camera. I had a little pocket 110 camera before then to take fun pictures but never really considered how much fun the act of photographing things could be just for the sake of taking the picture. That led to a long stint of photographic fun all through high school. Of course I was a Huntsville High School newspaper staff photographer, shooting mainly sports, and a Huntsville High School yearbook staff photographer again shooting sports and some student life. All along the way I had a fantastic neighbor who was a seasoned professional photographer who went shooting with me and made sure my photography education continued. This led to being a photographer for the local college information department(I was not a student at the time) shooting sports events mainly football, a stringer (part time non-employee photographer) for the Huntsville Item paper shooting sports such as football and some softball, doing a few portrait sessions, etc.

allan1Currently I am a sports & commercial photographer in Huntsville Texas specializing in business promotion and product photography. I only work by appointment, and then only evenings and weekends. This tends to work well as most of my clients are busy earning a living during business hours. I work out of Huntsville mainly from Houston north to Fairfield, from Bryan east to Livingston and have no problem traveling. I am also available as a second photographer to other photographers in the area.

To shoot this diverse a range of subjects I have a wide assortment of equipment including both film and digital, and a variety of on site lighting equipment.

Photography for me is not a destination, it is aLarge format shooting in Huntsville Texas journey, exploring each person’s desire for their image and finding the best way to achieve that goal in a professional and timely manner. This extends beyond the actual capturing of the image and includes overall attitude, punctuality, and dress. I will not be the photographer who shows up to a shoot in a ragged t-shirt, blue jeans and flip-flops.

If you are looking for a Huntsville Texas photographer I would love to sit down with you and discuss how I can deliver the images that you need, be it for business or pleasure, I will work with you to get exactly what you envision. Even if you are at the very early stages of planning an event, sometimes sitting down with a photographer can help clear up many questions you many have. Simply click on the Contact Me link of any of the website pages and call or email me so we can sit down and discuss your needs. Even if you are not in Huntsville, I would still be happy to talk to you near your location as I cover the Spring, Woodlands, Conroe, Willis, Huntsville, Madisonville, Centerville, Trinity, Crockett and Livingston areas and work towards being your perfect photographer.

Testimonials for Allan Hall at Paper Bird Images

“I am so pleased with the work Allan did…I highly recommend Allan for his professionalism, his work, and his results.
C. & J. Finley, Houston Texas

“… provided truly professional service. He was punctual for every scheduled meeting, delivered his images ahead of schedule, and maintained excellent communication prior to the event. I would be happy to work with him again any time.”
A. Faucett, Houston Texas

“Good shots! Appreciate your hard work…”
P. Ridings, Huntsville Texas

“very dedicated and hard working…”
S. Conway, Huntsville Texas

“I enjoyed the time that Mr. Hall and I worked together and would welcome any opportunity to work with him again.”
J. Garvey, Huntsville Texas

You can learn more about me at my personal website featuring among other things astrophotography by Allan Hall at www.allans-stuff.com.

If you are coming to town, check out this Huntsville Texas things to do and find your way around with a Huntsville Texas map.

Contact me and lets see how I can be your Huntsville Texas photographer!